By Emma Matevosyan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
2019-11-17 11:08
The Fairy Tale of Autumn
Have you ever wondered what would the leaf of tree say if it could feel, communicate and talk about its day-to-day life?

Imagine a garden, imagine a variety of trees, numerous and multicolored leaves.

There is one among them who differs in color, form, size, maturity, and his "world," but leaves in his closed "world." He's dreamy, romantic, always positive. In the most desperate situations, he was with everyone, at the same time very independent. He is strong.

Everyone loves him, he loves them all. But that can't be the case, is it? The human being is prone to pain, to searching for a problem in every purity, to breaking and self-affirmation.

Leaf witnesses many stories in its dreamy world. For example, how early in the morning a mother walks in the park with her newborn baby, how students sing, write, help each other prepare for exams, and so on. And here comes the tricolor bench, the couple meets to build a future together. And in the rain, the leaf is sheltered, and it does not allow the beautiful couple to get wet, and at the same time they witness how they become more intimate, firmly embraced.

It is most interesting to watch the animals play in the park, how people feed and care for them.

And one fine day, in the summer rain, in the shade of the other leaves of the tree, sheltering on the tricolor bench, it encounters another distinct and with its own unique "world."

Where have you been so long?, - asks the leaf.

I've always been here, - he replies.

Let's make a company, discover the world together, - suggests the stranger.

And aren't you afraid to start your own discoveries with me? - asks the leaf.

And the series of new discoveries begins. Climbing as high as possible, finding new places, and creating new stories in those places, they begin to recognize the new world. They are trying to make it their own.

Even the night was long enough when our leaves weren't holding each other. They missed each other every second, and the time they spent together was instant. They trusted each other, trying to solve each problem. They were introduced to and acquainted with new leaves.

What happened... Autumn ․․․ Leaf ․․․

Something unfamiliar, uncertainty, where it started, where the leaves stumbled. Or perhaps the new leaves caused a split.

The leaf thought; "And if there is no confidence, is there a friendship, is there an emotion?" The right thing to do was talk, listen, and understand each other. That is what all mature people do. Yes, it was the right thing to talk and understand with ease. And it was also right to stay apart for a while and to value relationships.

Leaf found that relationships with new discoveries and emotions were important only to him. The answer was the game.

What happened. Who is sitting alone on the tricolor bench? Do you remember that beautiful couple? Yes, it was the girl. It was not raining, but her eyes were wet. Yes, fairy tales are also sad.

But it has nothing to do with our fairy tale. “You know,” the leaf whispered in girl's ear,“ the quickest and most effective way to deal with the situation is to meet new people who are different, like you, who may be old friends, but you rediscover them as a result. Communicate. Choose those who do not weaken, who give wings, not cut. You abuse and trust your pain. As a result, they don't even want to hear, see, or speak. Love should not be painful. The lover does not leave him alone. He comes back, hugs and stays with you until the end of the road. Everything is temporary and transient. You can choose and run away from everyone, but you can't run away from yourself. You are left, but you are not alone. And remember, you are strong. Look closely, even an ice cream can motivate and force you to look at life again. It is pointless to fight for what you only need. Sanctify your tears, live, breathe, fall in love again, and love again."

Spring will open again. Again, new and different leaves will appear.

It is good that the leaves do not speak; They know a lot․