Author: Hovhannes Vardanyan
2019-11-30 15:30
Christopher Ransmayr's “The Last World” in Armenian is resuming the project "Literary Stir", which aims to present not only famous and beloved writers, their lives and activities, literary successes, but also the features of popular and not so popular literary figures.

Antares Publishing has introduced to the Armenian reader the book "The Last World" by Christopher Ransmayr, a beloved but unknown writer. Thus, the series "Foreign Writing" was supplemented by another author.

Christopher Ransmyr's novel The Last World has already been translated into dozens of languages​​around the world. Ransmayr was first translated from Armenian into German from the original.

Speaking about the literary peculiarities of the author's work, chief editor of Antares Publishing House, literary critic Arkmenik Nikoghosyan said that Ransmayr's style is very unique, harsh, but also deep and impressive. "He is a completely different writer, he has a kind of cosmic look, with the simplicity and depth of his feeling."

Christopher Ransmayr's work in dealing with crises and impending catastrophes is the author's inner conviction of fundamental critique of progress. He addresses the crises of humanity's past in order to predict, cover, and possibly prevent future catastrophes. The writer is not a metaphysician but an advocate of human freedom. With his somewhat hectic lifestyle, he calls himself a semi-nomad. His small genre miniatures are reminders that they not only happened in reality, but were also possible at the time.