By Gayane Melikyan
2019-12-16 11:53
East Horoscope for 2020
As you know, 2020 will come under the sign of the White Metal Rat. This symbol of the year will come into its own on January 25, 2020. If you know the character and image, what symbol of 2020 created about yourself, then we can assume which character will easily get along with the White Rat all year, and who will have to be pretty tight.

The rat is a very curious and attentive animal. Despite her small size, she is smart, smart, resourceful, has developed intuition and an unusually quick reaction, which helps her escape in difficult situations. The rat easily adapts to the new environment, people and circumstances.

The rat is considered a symbol very thrifty and economical. And she is romantic and easily finds a common language with others. So the year 2020 will have a significant impact on the representatives of each sign of the eastern horoscope.

East horoscope for 2020: Rat
Do you remember whose year 2020, which animal? Therefore, in its own year, the Rat will ride in all the earthly goods, like cheese in butter. 2020 for this sign is a stellar period in all areas. So you should seriously think about career development, investing finances, good rest and replenishment in the family.

East horoscope for 2020: Bull
The White Rat will not offend its closest neighbor in the eastern horoscope, thanks to which, according to the eastern legend, it has become a leader. So the assertive and purposeful Bulls will be able to do everything in the coming 2020. And you will achieve special heights in the development of your career.

East horoscope for 2020: Tiger
For obvious reasons, the rat has long disliked the predatory feline family, so the Tigers will have to be on the alert all the time and defend their interests in 2020. But you are not used to being persistent in achieving goals. Many Tigers will find harmony in relationships with lovers.

East horoscope for 2020: Rabbit
The year of the White Rat will be soft and fluffy for the good-natured representatives of the sign of the Rabbit. You will be lucky in updates and undertakings in many areas of life. But the old things that you did not succeed, it is better to postpone or abandon them completely. 2020 is a year of change.

East horoscope for 2020: Dragon
For Dragons, the coming year 2020 can be characterized in one word - it will be boring. More precisely, there will be everything: ups and downs, smooth roads and deadlocks, passion and jealousy, a debt hole and unexpected profits, pain and recovery, quarrels and new intriguing acquaintances.

Eastern horoscope for 2020: Snake
The White Rat will be quite loyal to the representatives of the sign of the Snake, but for this you will have to work, dodge and constantly prove to the symbol of the year your viability and extraordinary abilities. The main advice of 2020: hurry slowly and thoughtfully, otherwise you will have to redo a lot.

East horoscope for 2020: Horse
The horse in 2020 expects real financial success. In this case, you do not have to work beyond measure, and sometimes you can even afford to relax a bit. Also, the White Rat will provide the Horses with interesting prospects where you can invest or worthy to spend capital.

East horoscope for 2020: Goat
Representatives of the Goat sign, the symbol of the year will throw a lot of tasks and puzzles. The outcome will depend on your quick wit and hard work. And if in the sphere of work and career everything is more or less successful, then the problems of personal life will often lead to a dead end. Do not lock yourself in and communicate more with people.

Eastern horoscope for 2020: Monkey
An interesting relationship develops between the two signs of the eastern horoscope - the cunning Monkey and the wise Rat. There will be everything: union or confrontation, competition and mutual understanding. The rat will throw up difficult tasks at work, but will also reward ardent feelings in the romantic sphere.

East horoscope for 2020: Rooster
In 2020, the Roosters are lucky. The symbol of the year will seem to test you for strength, but you will overcome these challenges with dignity, receiving a worthy reward. In business, competitors will not catch up with you, finances will be in perfect order, pleasant changes will come in your personal life, and health will not disappoint.

East horoscope for 2020: Dog
The star council for the representatives of the Dog sign is that in the generally accepted year of 2020, they just should not make sharp turns and radically change something in their life. Be content with what you have, develop in the direction you have already chosen and appreciate the relationships that you created earlier.

East horoscope for 2020: Pig
In 2020, the Pig will say goodbye to the dominant seat on the throne and pass it to the Rat. To catch luck by the tail, you have to sweat. It may be difficult at first, but hardworking Pigs are not used to stopping halfway, so 2020 will not cause any particular difficulties. Moreover, you will meet your love․