2019-12-22 23:06
The Youth Portal of Armenia, ERIT.am, is 10 Years Old
With every step in the youth field in Armenia and around the world, the developments and achievements that have made the voice of the Armenian youth hearable, the Online Magazine Eritasard came true 10 years ago as a result of a brave dream, an incredibly seeming initiative.

On December 22, 2009 - Exactly 10 years ago this day, a mass-media outlet with great goals and desires appeared in the Armenian electronic media, whose main focus was on making the voice of the youth available today. To reflect on the issues, achievements, successes, youth initiatives of the Armenian youth in daily life, to make the hero of the time the Armenian youth living not only in Armenia, but also outside his / her homeland, to record all the innovations in the youth field. To do all this successfully, it was first necessary to form a team that pursued the key goals. Years of active work and experience in staff selection have shown that Eritasard.am has succeeded in bringing together people, professionals who are consistent in achieving the magazine's primary goals.

Every year on December 22, the Online Magazine Eritasard reflected on its birthday, considering the record to be an important precondition for new goals. This jubilee year is not an exception for the young people either, as it has been only 10 years since the Armenian youth has been the main hero of our pages and publications. We are sure that it will continue in the years to come ...

The Online Magazine is a truly unique information platform. It is perhaps the only one in the field that consistently represents young people, youth groups and organizations active in both the provinces and the capital of our country. In 2016, as the online magazine received a new look and technological update, becoming more inclusive and meaningful, ability to vote for young people expanded. Today, the popular media outlet called ERIT.am is the only online youth portal in Armenia that presents daily updates to its readers on the challenges of the youth field, celebrates youth victories, records all successes, expresses concerns that exist among youth, youth. within groups or organizations. The magazine has been with the youth for 10 years. We believe that years of work have allowed us to claim that today we are well aware of what a modern Armenian youth wants and wants.

The 10 years of our career now seem like a moment, but that process has been a way for Eritasard to become mature and reach perfection. And it is a joy that this path does not end. The 10 years are just one part of the road, as there are new youth challenges ahead and yet undisclosed successes that will definitely find their place in the future publications of Eritasard. Throughout its 10 years of operation, the Youth Online Portal has always strived to remain loyal to its youth and its priority task of supporting youth development in Armenia by becoming a unifying information platform where the Armenian youth can freely search for and find ideas, stories, and educational programs that interest them. Announcements, unique reflections on the activities of successful Armenian youth ... During those years we have also gained supporters to deepen knowledge in the youth sector.

It is noteworthy that the success of the resource focuses not only on the successes of Armenian youth abroad but also abroad. The presentation of such stories allows us to appreciate everyone and be one of the most up-to-date news sources today. It also has a great place to cover events outside the capital Yerevan. Our photographers and members of the journalism team have been in the regions of Armenia many times over the years, getting acquainted with all the problems on the spot and seeing the solutions later. We can safely say today that we have always been where the Armenian youth is, with its problems and successes, achievements. We've been where the energy of youth really thrives to bring change ....

Over the past 3650 days, our readers have been able to read over 10,000 news, over 500 interviews, over 150 in-depth analytical publications. The volume of photos taken for the portal gallery is also impressive. Over the past 10 years there have been more than 500 updates in the Gallery section. Looking at the numbers, it can be safely asserted that they have been quite effective and significant for 10 years.

Adding to the aforementioned successes the acquisition of a large number of partners and supporters of the portal in the past years, it will be understandable why the portal has today become the information sponsor and supporter of numerous initiatives, exclusive projects. During the past decade, our business relationships have significantly strengthened, new and close partnerships have been established with our partners. As a result, many new youth ideas will be featured in our pages and in future publications.

Who can better tell what this youth portal is or what its contribution to the youth field, youth development and development in Armenia, if not the main beneficiaries of the magazine, the readers. In this regard, we propose to present a unique challenge to your friends and relatives who have been and continue to be among the beneficiaries of the online portal. We propose to congratulate Eritasard on his 10th birthday by using the hashtag # ERIT10thAnniversary, to heartily comment on the work of the magazine, to mention your friends on social networks who have ever been or continue to be readers of Erit.am. It is very important for us, team of the portal, to receive your suggestions and congratulations ....

We are sure that more exciting activities are ahead, as 3650 days later Eritasard will celebrate its 20th anniversary. The portal continues to be the main directory of the youth sector in Armenia, covering topics that young people play a key role in. This is the achievement of the past 10 years. It is worth mentioning.

Dear readers, young people, our and your Online Portal will also continue to keep the youth field active, focus on target audiences, act in accordance with the norms of responsible journalism, and keep in touch.

The 10th anniversary of our birth is the moment when it is impossible to wait for a new start to be appreciated. Our Team today is really proud that a number of outlined issues have been resolved from the outset, and many goals have come true as a result of 10 years of active work. This is a signal that a new and unique opportunity has been created to set new paths and goals.

Dear online portal “ERITASARD”, having been with the Armenian youth for 10 years and covering the field in details, new successes are inevitable. Happy birthday! It's time to celebrate