By Gayane Melikyan
2019-12-26 22:31
The Most Unusual and Beautiful Christmas Trees in Different Countries
The whole world is actively preparing to celebrate New Year 2020, bright lights are lit on the streets of cities, Christmas markets are opening, and a festive atmosphere is in the air. But what a New Year without the main attribute - a Christmas tree. Presents you a selection of the most beautiful and original New Year trees of 2020.

The most pathetic - in Denmark

In Copenhagen, the country's main 10-meter Christmas tree was lit one of the first in the world. Now it is under reliable protection and constant video surveillance. And all because thousands of unique Swarovski crystals adorn her, which cost the government 150 thousand dollars.

The most royal - in Lithuania

This year, the festive tree of Vilnius appeared in the image of a chess queen, surrounded by a retinue of other chess pieces. It shines with white-blue lights and is decorated with a seven-kilometer garland of 100,000 light diodes. The main Christmas tree of Lithuania this year claims to be one of the most beautiful in Europe.

The most emblematic - in Australia

The Christmas tree 2020 installed in Sydney symbolizes forest fires that hit the country and led to terrible consequences. The fire destroyed millions of hectares of forest, residential buildings and took the lives of several people. The main Christmas tree of the country was assembled from logs, branches and shrubs brought from different parts of Australia, and it symbolizes the fight against natural disaster.

The largest - in Italy

In the central part of the country, in the commune of Gubbio, they lit the largest Christmas tree in the world. The giant Christmas tree 750 meters high and 450 meters wide has been pleasing residents for 38 years. The top of the tree, according to tradition, is decorated with a star that changes color every 5 minutes. Tourists from all over the world come to see this beauty.

The most expensive - in Spain

In the Spanish city of Marbella, in 2020, they decided to excel and installed the most expensive Christmas tree in the world. The main attribute of the holiday is decorated with 500 handmade toys made by the highest paid designer in the world. These toys are decorated with precious stones and metals, so the Christmas tree is estimated at $ 14 million.

The most criticized - in the UK

According to a 70-year tradition, the Norwegians give the New Year tree to the British. A special feature of the 2020 Christmas tree, established in London, is its height - 21 meters and age - 90 years. However, many residents criticized the tree for its appearance, noting that it was lifeless and tattered. The government, in turn, stated that it was necessary to look at the symbolism of the gift, and not to recount its branches.

The most fabulous - in France

In the main department store in France - Galeries Lafayette installed a Christmas tree in the style of "Christmas hive." It is decorated with huge decorations in the form of colorful flowers sparkling with thousands of lights, and bees are circling around the tree. The top of the festive tree is adorned by the Queen of the Hive herself. Every 30 minutes, guests of the gallery witness the awakening of the hive and the flight of bees from it.


Of course, we should focus on the main Christmas tree in Armenia, which is located in the capital Yerevan. On December 21, at the Republic Square, the main Christmas tree lighting ceremony was followed by a musical featuring a new instrumental of the world Christmas hits. In the heart of the capital of Armenia was a true fairy tale: song, dance, music, shocking color effects.