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2020-09-16 17:33
During the days of the pandemic, programmer Gagik Kyurkchyan had to work from home, says the Krisp app saved his life ․

"We lived in a one-room apartment, where there was noise, that noise disturbed me, the application saved my life. I was telling my foreign clients about the Armenian app, many were asking if I had not been paid to advertise the app so much. ”

However, the app also has its downsides, which the user has noticed: "The downside of the app is that the app is not available on mobile phones."

Translated from English, simple, clean, here is the explanation of the word that bears the appendix. The manager of the application, Karapet Gyumjibashyan, says that since 2017, children and animals at home և, in general, noisy environment has not been a problem for working or studying remotely for a long time վաղ

"Our application was created in 2017, it was the first to generate the idea of ​​removing noise in general. During the days of the pandemic, they started downloading the application 6-7 times more, the number of visits to the site increased sharply, which is due to the fact that people started working from home. ”

How is Startup different from a classic business plan? What startups are there in Armenia today? Եւ What do you need to turn it into a business? Startup Armenia Business Director Vardan Galastyan says ․

"Today in Armenia, our foundation runs two programs, one in the regions, the other is a paid school in Yerevan, where 13-16-year-old children have the opportunity to learn what a startup is, and in the end turn the idea into a startup. The startup differs from the classic business in that it has the opportunity to grow rapidly. It goes through 3 stages, the last stage is entering the currency market, after which the startup is considered a business. For example, Krisp is still a startup. "

In the modern world, a small idea can easily turn into a startup. Along with education, age և a number of other factors, the idea is clearly competing, which can be born even in the mind of a school child և turn into a clearly working business.