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2020-09-20 09:19
The international bestseller, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, has been translated into Armenian. The book by the world-famous scientist is presented to the Armenian readership by Newmag Publishing House in partnership with Galaxy Group of Companies.

In the summer of 2020, Harari's Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind book was released, which received a great reception from the Armenian readers and was  sold out in all bookstores shortly after its release. In the second  book, the author raises the issues of technological progress and  value crisis.  Gurgen Khachatryan, co-founder of Galaxy Group of  Companies and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Ucom, wrote a  special foreword for the Armenian edition of the book.

"When you graduate from university, your profession might no longer  be relevant. While you are asleep, artificial intelligence processes  your data to target you better. How are we going to survive in this  rapidly evolving, questionable world where old models have already  collapsed and new ones have not yet been built? Have we learned the  lessons of the 21st century or had the courage to even face them head  on? This book touches upon the successes and failures of humanity,  approaching the accepted truths from an opposite, often unexpected  and sobering point of view," Gurgen Khachatryan wrote.

The book's editor, Tatevik Nalbandyan, notes that through his work 21  Lessons for the 21st Century the historian makes us think about  values and meanings; understand what our mission is in a world filled  with info-noise and uncertainty. In the 21 chapters, which both  provoke rebellion and give food for thought, the scientist touches  upon many problems. In this book, Harari focuses on the present,  trying to understand what is happening here and now. What are the  biggest challenges and opportunities today? What should we pay  attention to? What should we teach our children?

"The book tries to cover issues of global importance-which will have  an impact on the future of our planet-from different standpoints,  without the ambition to present a comprehensive picture of reality.   Why is liberal democracy in crisis? Is religious consciousness  returning? Is a new world war expected? Which civilization rules the  world: Western, Chinese or Islamic? These are some of the 21  important questions that the author ponders on, urging the readers  not to be indifferent to the debate about the future of humanity,"  said the translator of the book, Liana Zakaryan.

Harrari, who is one of the most influential scientists of the 21st  century, is convinced that globalization is pressuring our personal  behavior and moral principles. We are all entangled in a single large  web, which on the one hand restricts our movements while on the other  hand transmits even our smallest fluctuations far away. Read our  current 21 most important questions and their thorough answers in 21  Lessons for the 21st Century.