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2020-09-23 08:02
Studies have shown that more than one (sometimes more than 10) queuing applications are submitted to the Traffic Police from different electronic platforms for the same person to perform the same actions related to driving licenses, which automatically increases the waiting time.

Taking into account the above, in order to provide a proper service in the shortest possible time, we would like to inform you that starting from 23.09.2020, the traffic police will be queuing for actions related to driver's license (participation in qualification exams for obtaining a driver's license, exchange, recovery) only through the electronic platform of the Traffic Police. Until the above-mentioned date, the queuing applications sent from other platforms will be served as before, and from September 23, 2020, the queuing applications sent from other platforms will be left without discussion.

The queuing must be done through the Traffic Police electronic platform "Queuing for actions related to the driver's license" system.