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2020-09-28 15:59
Many representatives of the Yazidi community in Armenia have volunteered for departing to Artsakh to protect the borders of the Homeland, President of the National Union of Yazidis in Armenia Aziz Tamoyan said.

“Yazidis are always ready to protect their Homeland”, Tamoyan said.

Commenting on the situation around Nagorno Karabakh caused by the Azerbaijani military aggression, Tamoyan said he condemns the Azerbaijani actions. “What is taking place in the line of contact is inhuman action, and I strongly condemn it. The Azerbaijani side carries out a very aggressive policy which is supported by Turkey”, he said.

On September 27 early morning the Azerbaijani military has launched a massive cross-border artillery attack on Artsakh, including on civilian settlements. Peaceful settlements are also under bombardment, including the capital city of Stepanakert.

59 people were killed and more than 200 were wounded in Artsakh from the Azerbaijani attack.

Armenia and Artsakh declared a martial law and mobilization.

According to the latest data, the Azerbaijani side has suffered nearly 200 human losses as a result of its aggression. The Artsakh side has destroyed a total of 4 Azerbaijani attacking helicopters, 27 UAVs, 36 tanks, armored vehicle, as well as 2 engineering armored vehicles and 11 armored equipment.