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2020-09-29 15:53
The Armenian football star and midfielder of the Italian Roma Henrikh Mkhitaryan has called on the international community to urgently respond to the Azerbaijani attack on Artsakh and Armenia and “avoid another genocide.”

“Heavy military fights are still continuing against #NagornoKarabakh, many victims on both sides. The territory of the Republic of #Armenia is being bombed too. The Azerbaijani attack which started on September 27th in the morning targeting civilian population is strongly condemnable. An immediate end to this violence and crime against humanity is urgent and vital. Turkey must halt all support and enabling of this offensive, including the recruitment of foreign terrorist fighters to attack Armenians. I call on international community, on allies for an urgent intervention in order to avoid another genocide. #ArstakhStrong #ArmeniaStrong,” Mkhitaryan said on social media, posting images of hospitalized civilians in Artsakh and heavy destructions of civilian homes.


In the early morning of September 27, the Azerbaijani military launched a massive attack on Artsakh (Karabakh) using air force, missiles and tanks.  The Azerbaijani artillery strikes targeted civilian settlements, including Stepanakert city, which resulted in several civilians being killed. Schools were also bombed. A mother and her child were killed in Martuni, Artsakh. Many other civilians were wounded.

The Azeri shelling of civilian settlements resulted in another child being killed on September 29. 

4 civilians are dead in Artsakh. 

The Azerbaijani attacks continue.

According to official reports Azerbaijan lost more than 400 servicemen, 6 gunships, 50 UAVs, 85 tanks and armored vehicles, 1 warplane and 82 other military vehicles since the fighting began.