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2020-11-11 17:51
World-renowned rock musician, soloist of System of a Down Serj Tankian says obviously the agreement signed over the Nagorno Karabakh conflict was predicated upon Armenia due to the multitude of its enemies and the inaction of its allies in the international community.

In a video message posted on Facebook, Tankian called for unity and stated that he as well is grieving for the loss of young men, lands and collective unity.

“In the past 45 days despite the extreme hardships, I was inspired by the oneness of our people. By our ability to mobilize for the benefit of our nation and future. It’s obvious to me, as it should be to you, that the agreement that was signed was predicated upon us due to the multitude of our enemies and the inaction of our allies in the international community. I’m angry like you for being taken advantage of once more in our history”, Tankian said.

However, he said the instability should be addressed within.

“Since the 1994 ceasefire in Artsakh we have had the opportunity to strengthen our nation’s diplomacy and military, but instead fell victim to corruption and oligarchy. Instead of acting the political and economic potential of the Diaspora they chose to use us as a bank ATM machine”, he said.

“This is not the time for politicking and games of thrones. Nor disgusting images of thuggery and looting within our country. That is embarrassing and insulting to those brave soldiers who gave their lives fighting for our existence. We will not allow you to divide us ever again. We all have many questions. But in order for these questions to be answered objectively we must allow for the democratic process to take place. After all, unlike our neighbors, we are a democracy. Maybe young and inexperienced but a democracy nonetheless.  So let’s redirect our anger and fury and use them as stepping stones for a unified Armenia and work hard daily on attaining justice for the catastrophic events of this war. Let’s build a stronger, more powerful but just nation together. One that answers to no one and is subject to no one”, Tankian concluded.